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Laser marking has become an increasingly popular way to permanently mark a product with important information in the manufacturing and production industry.


Businesses can use various laser marking methods to permanently mark their products. This blog post will discuss the different types of laser marking and what each one is used for. We will also introduce the best laser marking experts. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s Laser Marking?

Laser marking is the use of laser technology to mark parts or workpieces. The energy released by a laser beam reacts with the material, making a permanent mark.


The laser beam’s power, speed, and focus on the component will determine how it is processed. Laser engraving, etching, annealing, or ablation may be used to mark with a laser.

Why Use Laser Marking?

This type of marking provides numerous benefits, including:


  • It leaves a clean, precise mark
  • The machines are fast
  • They are affordable
  • Marking is permanent

The Most Common Types Of Laser Marking

There are various types of laser markers that businesses can choose from. The most common types are:

Laser Annealing

The term “annealing” refers to a method of oxidation in which heat is applied to a surface material (without the use of a high level of aggressiveness).


This sort of laser tagging generally produces a solid black mark with a smooth finish. However, colors can range from yellows, reds, and greens based on the temperature at the marking point.


Because the annealing relies solely on heat to transport carbon from the metal to the surface and form markings, it is generally more time-consuming.


Carbon Migration

Another form of laser marking is carbon migration, which involves heating a material made of metal or metal alloys to cause the carbon atoms in it to chemically bind with one another.


This bonding results in your material’s carbon properties being brought to the surface. As a result, you may get a black laser mark that can be very dark.


In this form of marking, the heat is concentrated over a smaller surface area in a shorter amount of time.

Foaming Laser Marking

When plastic is darker, and the goal is to produce a lighter color (usually white, gold, or various tan hues), laser foaming is employed. This color change occurs due to generating a molten burn on the surface that is contained and controlled.


Foaming is utilized only on plastics, making it a useful tool for plastic and other industries that frequently utilize plastics in their operations.

Coloration Laser Marking

The creation of color for a plastic or metal object, or color laser marking, is achieved by heating specific sections of the surface depending on the desired result.


A foaming technique may be used to color a plastic material. When polymers in the plastic are altered, wavelengths of colors ranging from infrared to ultraviolet are produced.

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