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Laser Marking Services

From surface marking to deep engraving and stenciling, Praxis Resources can cover all your personalized etching and inscription needs, including designer text, brand logos, and other images.

Our Laser

Marking Process

With our 50 watt CNC fiber laser, Praxis has the capability to permanently mark most materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, ceramics, graphite, composites, silicon, coated and plated metals, opaque plastics and more.  We start off by taking your drawing and discussing it with you to ensure our work meets your requirements.

Next, we use the laser to begin mapping it onto a surface, while checking calibrations. Then we do the laser engraving on the actual material. Finally, we clean up the engraving to ensure accuracy, detail, and sharpness.

Benefits of Laser Marking

Greater Detail

We use the light and power of the laser to cut down into or discolor the chosen item. We can also control the depth of the engraving by adjusting the laser’s power and focus.

More Permanent

Engraving is a more permanent way to place important information on a metal part, whereas screen printing can fade with time and use or wash away.

Meets Your Specifications

We’re easily able to meet your specifications for the depth of your engraving according to your needs. We can also cut stencils in metals for your use.

Laser Marking Solutions

Get high-quality engraving, marking and ink backfilling with Praxis Resources. We’ve completed laser marking projects for many industries, including aerospace, medical, and commercial.