Engineering & Design Services

When you need a part or assembly built from scratch, our expert designers and technicians can get your prototype off the screen, into the real world and into your customers’ hands. With our in-house rapid 3D printing and many additive and subtractive manufacturing capabilities, make Praxis your one-stop shop for your fabrication needs.


Your Vision With Praxis

We can get your project off the ground without you supplying models or CAD drawings — we’ll help you come up with the design ourselves. Our experts work collaboratively to provide a solution that is cost-effective, reliable, and meets all quality standards.

Our team is ready and waiting to take your design beyond engineering. We love making long-term partnerships with customers and looking for innovative solutions to their problems.

Our Process

Concept Phase

Praxis’ team of SMEs gathers pertinent information to help you develop the concepts, solutions and constraints for your product.

Engineering Phase

Using information from the concept phase, a design is finalized in either a 3D CAD model or a 2D engineering drawing.

Production Phase

Once you’ve approved the design, together we develop a production plan and move into rapidly producing your prototype.

Let’s Get Technical

Praxis Resources has all the technology and expertise of 20+ years in the business, but we offer you the highest levels of service. That means personalized emails, customized solutions, and phone calls whenever you need them.