Our Industries

Praxis has years of experience serving a variety of industries, from the defense and aerospace industries to innovators in the medical field and beyond.


Praxis Resources Helps You

We are continually exploring ways to innovate and move rapid prototyping and digital manufacturing, especially as the different industries we serve move on to new technologies.

We inspire companies across industries to utilize new digital manufacturing and make their vision possible. We can meet the standards of any industry.

We do most of the work ourselves, from assisting with design to prototyping and manufacturing; we have moved metalworks and 3D printing in-house.

We also work with established, long-term supply chain partners that we’ve vetted for dependable quality when we need to outsource an element of design and/or production.


We Work With All Sectors

Defense Industry

Aerospace Industry

Commercial & Industrial

Beyond Engineering: Bringing Your Vision To Life

Through a mix of turnkey services, years of experience, and personalized attention focused on solutions, we can serve any need you have.