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Be it for a code, serial number, or a special marking; there are many cases in which leaving a mark is useful especially in industries like medical, automotive and commercial. Laser etching is a marking technique that’s very useful in these scenarios. Due to its precision and the short time it needs to be done. Discover what makes this laser marking method great!

What’s Laser Etching exactly?

Laser etching is a method that uses lasers to melt the upper layer of a material to leave an image or a pattern on it. This technique is beneficial for industrial and corporate purposes: thanks to its high degree of precision and ease of use, you can use it in many more scenarios than other types of marking.


Due to its nature that uses laser beams to mark materials, laser etching is known as a high-precision process. It’s usually carried out on flat surfaces, though you can etch curved surfaces as well. Different types of lasers can be used for this process, and basically, they all work the same: the only difference is the wavelength of the laser as well as output power.

How Does Laser Etching Work?

Laser etching works as follows: a laser is focused on the surface of a material and moves from point to point by melting and changing the surface roughness creating contrast. This makes it possible to have an image or a pattern on the material’s surface.

Several kinds of materials can be laser etched, but the most used are metals. Typically used metals are aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and zinc. If you’re interested in what other materials can be used, it’s best to contact a laser marking expert.

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