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Is there a way to reduce stress on materials during manufacturing? The answer is yes! Laser annealing has become popular among manufacturers due to the fact that it doesn’t change the surface roughness of the metal surface.

In this blog, we’ll let you know everything you have to know about laser annealing and where to find the best laser marking company.

What Is Laser Annealing?

Laser annealing is a process that uses a laser beam to heat materials. The laser beam is only focused on the material and causes it to heat up quickly. This results in changes in the material’s properties, such as its strength, electrical conductivity, or optical properties. 

What Can Laser Annealing Be Used For?

Laser annealing can be used for many different applications, such as:

  • Strengthening metals
  • Repairing cracked glass
  • Creating semiconductors. 
  • Change material colors.
  • Mark stainless steel devices or equipment used in the medical, automotive and heavy industry. 

It is a very effective process and can produce high-quality results.

Basic Principles Explained

Laser annealing is when metal pieces are heated to high temperatures and then cooled very quickly.  This causes their molecules’ arrangement to change, which results in different colors depending on the thicknesses of each layer.

Its Role In The Laser Marking Process

The importance of Laser Annealing starts with the flexibility of its application. It can be used on surfaces made of Titanium, Steel and Stainless steel. As we mentioned before, unlike other laser marking types, Laser Annealing can generate a change in the color of the surface but nothing that deteriorates the surface.

That’s the reason why it is a laser marking method for medical devices and branding purposes of automotive parts.

Praxis Resources: The Right Laser Marking Experts

Our 24 years of expertise make us at Praxis Resources more than capable of working with complex techniques such as laser annealing. We can help you personalize any steel, aluminum, and titanium item with your designs, logos, and text, from stenciling to deep marking.

Laser marking gives your products a higher quality and permanent mark. Our experts use your depth and engraving specifications using only the highest quality lasers on the market to bring your ideas to reality. Choose the most complete and professional laser marking company in the area.


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