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Aerospace Industry

Being that Praxis Resources is an FAA certified part 145 repair station, we pair the quality and reliability of the aviation industry with our manufacturing technologies to provide the best solutions for our customers

Praxis Resources Is Your

One-Stop Shop

Finding the right repair station isn’t always easy. We provide high-quality avionics repair services at competitive rates to get you back in the air and keep you there.  For more than 20 years, the Praxis Resources team has had the experience, knowledge, skills and tools to make component-level repairs. We have been helping all the major airlines as well as parts brokers with their MRO needs.


FAA Certification


EASA Certification


Certified Quality Management System (QMS)

Aerospace Industry

Why Work
With Praxis Resources?

Saves Money

We save you money by replacing only the failed individual component instead of an entire assembly.

Convenience and Accuracy

We get you back in the air quickly and safely by providing you with accurate repairs that you can trust, in record time.

Decades of Experience

We have 20+ years of experience providing high-quality repairs and creating entire assemblies, from components to the assembly.

Repairs in 15 Days or Less

Praxis Resources is an FAA certified part 145 repair station. We have a quote time of 15 days or less.